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    No hosts, no downloads, no restrictions, social games, but this is not the most exciting!

    Want to play 3A level games (high production budget, high marketing costs)? You may never have to buy expensive game consoles or download them for hours.

    Google said that in the future, anytime, anywhere, with any form of electronic products, you can play 3A Games directly without Carton, and even let users play games seamlessly with the game host!

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai today unveiled his ambition to officially enter the gaming industry at one of the world's largest games conventions, the GDC, which released Stadia, a cloud gaming platform, and a game handle that matches the Stadia platform.

    Google's vision is to build a game platform for all players. Pichai说。

    Stadia platform is very similar to Project Stream, a game streaming project that was tested publicly earlier, and allows players to play complex AAA Games directly through the web. Previously, most of these games could only be played on professional consoles.

    With Stadia platform in the future, players no longer need to spend hours downloading and installing games as before, but just click on the game on the web page, without waiting, and enter the game directly.

    Stadia platform users can play games through web pages on five platforms: computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and TV, and they can switch at any time.

    Stadia will support 4K games and is more likely to support 8K in the future.

    At the conference, Google invited current co-players to speak on stage. The first batch of cooperative games included Ubisoft's "Assassin Creed: Odyssey" and ID software's "Destroyer Eternity" and so on.

    Among them, "Destroyer of Eternity" will be 4K to support HDR resolution and 60 frame specifications on the Stadia platform.

    Stadia, YouTube and Google Assistants in One

    At the conference, Google constantly emphasized the social attributes of the game in the future, and introduced many features of Stadia. It can be said that each is worthy of the expectations of developers and players.

At the conference, Google constantly emphasized the social attributes of the game in the future, and introduced many features of Stadia. It can be said that each is worthy of the expectations of developers and players.

    First, Google announced State Share technology. Simply put, players can pause, save and share the current status of the game to the public platform through Stadia. Any player who sees this link can continue the game directly from the shared state.

    In addition, Google announced Stadia's CrowdPlay feature and worked with YouTube to allow players to directly participate in the current live player's game during the live video broadcasting process. Of course, the live broadcaster can also set up difficult challenges in the process of playing the game so that the audience can accept the challenges to complete the game.

    The players watching the live game can click on the game directly on the screen during the viewing process, without downloading and playing the game they are watching.

    The game will have social attributes in the future. The speaker told the audience that Stadia, YouTube and Google assistants will be the trinity model to improve the game experience.

    Unique Hardware - Special Handles

    In addition to the Stadia streaming service platform, Google has not released a game console as previously speculated, but a game handle based on Wifi rather than Bluetooth.

    The special feature of this handle is that it has a box key on it, which can share the game status directly to YouTube.

    In addition, the handle also contains Google helper keys, which allow users to play games while voice help Google helper clearance tips, such as an advanced version of off-site help.

    Developers can get Stadia's Development Suite and technical support from Google, and the platform will be released in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe in priority in 2019.

    Another side of the conference - rush to get online

    Despite Google's seemingly well-prepared and confident press conference, it may not be well prepared for the launch of the platform and the release of the handle.

    After the conference, when a large number of media and gamers flocked to Google's display area in GDC, they saw nothing.

    "For specific reasons, we can't publish it, only know that the display will be delayed. "After the Google staff explained, and the developers waiting at the empty booth entered an awkward silence.

    It wasn't until more than an hour later that the Stadia team, wearing a custom T-shirt from Google Stadia, arrived late to turn on the computer and perform Demo.

    By the time the first developer tried the Assassin Creed game, it was almost noon. "Very smoothly, without any cartons. It surprises me. "The participants who tried the game were equated with the Silicon aliens on the side.

    However, for a large number of developers who want to get started with the new hardware Stadia handle, the post-conference presentation still disappoints them.

    Unlike the products that can be used directly after the usual press conference, this time the handle is locked in two transparent glass display cabinets, just like the treasure of



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